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St. Paul's received the results of a thorough assessment of Congregational Vitality through the church's participation in The FaithX Project.

All are invited to participate in the Zoom meeting Wednesday, November 15 at 5:30 PST to learn of the findings. Send an email to St. Paul's to receive the meeting link.

The assessment concludes that St. Paul's identifies with a clear mission statement and engages with a deep sense of service.

Suggestions include increased participation by members, the laity. Specifically, encouraging everyone "to be ambassadors to the community, making connections and growing relationships with people and community organizations. Continue being a welcoming place for all, and consider ways you might become even more diverse in ways that reflect the full diversity of your surrounding community."

The assessment analyzed the demographics of the St. Paul's neighborhood.

Neighborhood residents are:

  • 75% under 52 years of age (Millenial =42%, GenX 20%, Gen Z 12%)
    86% metropolitan renters with an average household size of 1.6 compared to 2.5 nationally
    88% of the daytime population are workers – 81% of whom are considered blue collar
    75% have some college or higher degree
  • they face financial pressures of low net worth $14,082 compared to $155,942 nationally
  • median income $59,290 compared to $72,424 nationally
  • higher crime index 294 compared to 100 nationally

St. Paul's is an urban church that serves an urban community, as well as serving suburban worshippers, commuters and out-of-town visitors.

You can read the full findings in the attached document.