All are always welcome at St. Paul's to worship in community and to come into the sanctuary for solitary prayer when the doors are open. Community worship and solitary prayer are avenues for strengthening our relationship with God. 

"...that you may know the healing power of his love."

Another option exists as well for those times when you feel a need for extra nurturing for yourself or a loved one: healing prayers.

Those who feel called to the ministry of healing prayers bring their hearts and hands to the baptismal font at the rear of the sanctuary during Sunday Communion services.

You are always welcome to receive a personal prayer and, if you choose, a laying on of hands—and unction— by the healing minister. Unction means anointing with blessed oil. The oil serves as a physical sign of God's grace. 

All prayers and communications with healing ministers are confidential.

Praying for healing has been part of the Christian community from its earliest days. This intimate and personal communion brings to life an important ministry of Jesus—healing.

Healing means to make whole. To become whole could be a literal recovery from illness or injury in the body or mind, or a metaphorical transformation of the spirit, a feeling, perhaps, of harmony or peace.

The Healing Prayer Ministry bears witness to our belief that God offers healing, wholeness and reconciliation for all of us. When we enter lovingly and compassionately into relationship with each other, God is with us.

More information on these Ministrations, as well as personal prayers to pray at home for healing, sleep and strength for a new day, can be found on pages 453-461 of The Book of Common Prayer.

Healing prayers are also available during 12:10 pm services on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please also know that Eucharistic Visitors are available for home visits to bring  Communion kits to the housebound and offer healing prayer.