Photo of Nancy Metzger
Help lead Sunday worship services by joining our choir. 

Rehearsals are Sundays, from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Biography of Organist/Music Director Nancy Metzger

Nancy Metzger holds a master’s degree in music and has had a long and varied career as a college music professor, a recitalist on both organ and harpsichord, a recording artist, and longest of all, a church musician. She has served churches in Oregon, California and the Washington, DC area.


We open our doors at St. Paul’s to neighbors and community groups in search of a meeting place. Our Parish Hall has a full kitchen, with tables and chairs appropriate for small to medium sized gatherings.

Located next door to Sacramento Community Center, St. Paul’s is an ideal place for auxiliary gatherings for those coming to our city for conventions and conferences. For information about using our facilities, please call 916-446-2620 and leave a message. Our events coordinator will return your call.

 Sack Lunches for Hungry People

P-eric_sack_lunchMembers and friends of St. Paul’s donate enough food to fill more than 200 sack lunches each month. Those who are hungry may come to the Parish Hall following weekday noontime services to request a lunch. Lunches are free. Blessings go with them.

List of items needed for sack lunches.

P_aaAA/NA Meetings

Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held regularly in our Parish Hall. Check in with your organization to find meeting times. Or check St. Paul’s calendar. For information about holding meetings at St. Paul’s, please call our church office at 916-446-2620 and leave a message. Our coordinator will return your call.


Go to the newsletter page. The newsletter for each month has the Budget Summary