Daffodil Hill 2015Last weekend Pat and I took the day to go to Volcano, California to see Daffodil Hill.  There are so many lists that lay claim to days off.  The IRS would like a tax return, ignored piles of paper that cover the coffee table beg to be sorted and the raised beds in the backyard wait to be planted.  However, all that and more got pushed aside and we piled in the car, cameras in hand, and drove to Amador Co. to see this this resplendent display of beauty.  Each year the family who owns this working farm plants 16,000 new bulbs to maintain the resplendent 300,000 daffodils that carpet the hillside.  What seems more remarkable these days is that both parking and admission are free.  It is simply a gift to any who wish to enjoy its beauty. 

Taking time to enjoy beauty comes quite naturally for some but must be cultivated in others.  Our daily world is filled with complex visual images and many of them generate emotions of fear, loss, anxiety or despair.  This time of year blatantly offers an alternative!  Spring is God’s antidote for that which seeks to rob us of life!  The catch is in learning the spiritual practice of noticing beauty that we might “en-joy” the natural splendor that surrounds us.  So click open your phone, pick up your camera and walk, hike or drive to someplace that displays the beauty of God’s imagination.  Then press “save” so you can return there on an otherwise dreary day and be saved.