An Afternoon of Circle Singing


Hannah Gladstone & The Library Of MusicLandria

Saturday April 22 at 2 p.m.

Join us for a time of expression, listening and togetherness.
This will be our second vocal improv workshop and Circle Singing.
We hope to make this a monthly gathering!

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And now a little on Circle Singing…

As long as humans have lived we have been evolving to come together and create music.
We come together on this occasion to honor our vocal expression. 
Based on basic call and response,
circle singing is a group participatory activity that is much like an improvisational choir.
As we form a circle of song, our voices grouped by range,
one person guiding at the center improvising parts of a song,
our voices combine to create melody,
harmony, rhythm and so much spirit!
Lets strengthen our ties and sing together.

Admission is $Free

Donations are welcome!

Bring a snack to share!  Bring a friend or three!

Bring some $ or an instrument and donate to

the Library of MusicLandria!