Tree at St. Michael's Episcopal Day School 2015I am grateful this day for those who came before me and planted trees that sing of the beauty of God’s imagination. In a world where there is so much strife, so much noise, it is wonderful to stumble on images of beauty and grace. I was so taken with the contrast of the snow white blossoms punctuating the clear blue sky that I thought it worthy of saving the image on my phone. It’s now part of a library of sheer goodness in this world when I need a quick reminder.

This picture was taken at St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School in Carmichael. I am thankful for the unknown soul who planted it knowing that a kid’s education needs to be held in a place of beauty and color whether they are consciously aware of that gift or not. They and those of us who teach there, are shaped by it for the good.

So I leave and come to church, wondering where I will leave something of beauty for someone to find on a day they too need it most.